Board of Directors

Steve Peachey, President


Eldon Egle, Vice President


Tim Hendricks, Treasurer


Pam Walters, Secretary


Nichole Wrin, Voting Member





Notices …


The Board Met on 11/12/2010 to further discuss issues brought to us by Homeowner’s from the 10/27/2010 meeting.  The following are notes from that meeting.


We are pursuing a change to Covenant #11.4 regarding Parking and Prohibited Vehicles;


The Board has Okayed the purchase of a permanent trash receptacle at the Large Common Area (Basketball Goal);


Street Light & Mailbox on Treving Drive needs repaired.;


Association Dues – we currently have only 3 residents that are 2-years behind and 4 that are 1-year behind.  The board is moving forward to place a lien on the homes of said residents.  Our budget is very tight and for us to move forward with needed improvements requires the cooperation of everyone. o20

President’s Corner... 
Dear fellow Greystone Village Homeowners:

The agenda for our recent Homeowner meeting was as follows:


1)       Nominations/Election for the Secretary and 5th Voting Member of the board.

2)       General up keep

a.       Tree Line with Edgewater

b.       Parking

                                                               i.      Discussion about commercial vehicles and present covenants

3)       Mail Box Fund

a.       Start to accumulate a fund for Mail Box replacement

4)       Other Business

a.       Coach lights

b.       Curb Damage

c.        Review of drainage issue


We would like to thank Sumer Byrum our Secretary for the 2009-2010 Board Terms for her service to the GVHOA Board.  Pam Walters (Secretary) and Nichole Wrin (Voting Member) were elected to fill the open spots, and will both serve a 1-year term.


Steve Peachey has met with the new owners of Edgewater, our neighbor to the north, in regards to our shared Tree Line.  We will be working together to clean-up the area and see that it is maintained as we move forward. 


The parking discussion is in 2 forms.  The 1st is both a parking and safety issue.  We as a community need to be sure that we are keeping our Bus Stop areas free from vehicles and sidewalks clear and accessible.   The 2nd involves covenant 11.4 Parking and Prohibited Vehicles.


We had an open discussion involving a special fund for the replacement of damaged mail boxes.  The item was tabled at this time and maybe reviewed at a later date.


To meet the guidelines imposed by the Town of Cicero regarding the lighting in Greystone Village.  Street lights are installed at prominent points within our sub-division.  To supplement the safety within our community, each home has 2 coach lights installed on their garage that operate by photo-cell.  As per covenant 11.18, said lights are to be maintained by the homeowner and burn at dusk everyday.  We currently have 18 homes without either light and 6 homes with only 1 light burning.  It is a fact that break-ins occur where criminals have the least amount of risk – please do not set yourself or your family up to be an easy target.


Many residents brought up a concern regarding damage to the curbs in front of their homes.  Please make our little residents aware of how their skate boards, bicycles and go carts can damage the curbs, not to mention the expense involved to make repairs when necessary.  Their safety is a primary concern of all of us.
                    Steve Peachey,
                 President GVHOA          
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